The Office of Visual Communication is a branding & web design studio taking on identity, print, packaging, illustration, and web development projects.

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Nice to meet you, my name is Brandon Vaughn. I'm an independent designer and front end web developer based out of Saint Joseph, Missouri - just north of Kansas City. My work is rooted in simplicity and clarity with an emphasis on making your company, product, or service stand out from your competitors.

With more than a decade of experience as a digital creative, I utilize both my foundation in graphic design as well as a strong technical background to deliver an end-to-end experience for my clients.

Hello from the Office of Visual Communication
The Office of Visual Communication - Services

I create thoughtful, bespoke design solutions for new & established businesses.

By partnering with my clients I focus on creating exceptional, well considered identity work. We then extend that foundation created together into a consistent visual language through beautiful print & digital communication materials and engaging, responsive online web solutions.

All of which is accomplished through extensive discovery, research, planning, strategy, brainstorming, and execution of ideas born out of a true passion for great communication design work.

My clients are entrepreneurs, startups, small to medium sized businesses, agencies and established brands - from corporate to quirky, refined to energetic - all industries welcome. Whether you are a new business in need of a host of services or an already well established brand who could use a refresh to your print/digital marketing tools. I’m ready to find out how I can help you better connect with your target market, increase the awareness of your brand, instantly raise the perceived value of your products or services, and gain a competive advantage over your competition.












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The Office of Visual Communication - FAQ
A brief primer for prospective clients.

I am interested in working with you, how can we get started?

We can kick off our initial communication via phone, email or the contact form in the Booking section. You'll want to fill out the questionnaire inside the Project Kit found in the section below. Once we have outlined the scope and intended outcome of your project then I'll put together a formal quote in a proposal that will serve as our contract. If you would like to move forward then you can simply book your slot in my schedule.

I don't live close to you, can we still work together?

Absolutely. In fact, the majority of my clients come from all over the globe. Whether you are right here in Saint Joseph, Missouri - just south of me in Kansas City, or half way around the world, the process is the same as the communication and final deliverables are handled via the web.

What is your preferred method of communication?

I enjoy a good phone call as much as the next person, especially for a general project overview. With that said, I do prefer email as I like to have concrete information, direction, and communication to refer back to throughout the duration of our project.

Can you tell me more about the design process?

Whether I am doing a logo, visual identity, illustration, packaging, or web project - it all starts with gathering as much information as possible. Obviously the medium, scope, and intended outcome would drive the specific process for each type of project. Rather than rattling words off like "research" or "strategy" again, I'll just to provide a quick breakdown on how my time is spent on a logo project alone - as most new or re-branding efforts would start there.

You would receive some initial consultation as to what I think is the best direction from years of gathering experience and my own personal sense of design acumen. Taking into account your specific industry, target market, demographics, researching your competitors, finding out who you are as a company & interpreting what kind of brand personality or tone you want to convey to the world from the discovery process. Next I would begin researching inspiration specific to your project and begin extensive brainstorming & execution of ideas, making design decisions based upon the efforts previously mentioned. That would lead us up to the point to where you would see some design work after the initial presentations are put together. We would then move into gathering thoughts & feedback with the goal to move towards a specific concept selection. Then more interpretation of feedback through revising & refining - possibly multiple times as we work towards perfecting the concept. Lastly, we reach a final approval where file preparation & the handover process can begin with a line of communication open throughout the duration of the project, from start to finish.

How much will my project cost?

It depends. Every project is unique as every business has different needs. I offer some base pricing in my Project Kit for a specific scope of service offerings. You can get an approximation as to what kind of budget will be required for a branding or web project based upon the entry level scope of services.

I can tell you that I like to create healthy working relationships with my clients, and prefer they see me as a brand consultant or highly skilled niche employee. I can also tell you that I charge ethically, meaning the proposal is always based on the work, not whether you are positioned as a Fortune 500 company or going rouge with a swanky little hot dog cart downtown.

Take into account that I work with clients that understand branding their business is a serious, long term investment - not a cost, nor an expense. Quality branding takes a substantial amount of research, creativity, brainstorming, consulting, focus, and of course - time & experience. It's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, I work at it until all the pieces fit.

With that said, if you have a shoestring budget - let's talk anyways. I may have a gap in projects, get a cancellation, or maybe I'll just really like the thing you are doing and want to work with you on the budget you do have. So it is mutually beneficial to not be shy and just open our dialogue with transparency in mind.

Do you offer any service packages?

Actually I do. I offer both branding and web packages in my Project Kit that are setup with a specific scope of work that may fit your company's needs. Admittedly, these are generally more well suited for newer or smaller companies as they meet an entry level of branding or web needs. If your project is not as easily defined then I'd be happy to go through the discovery process to get you a bespoke quote/proposal. Some quick scenarios may include a multi-page web design and development project for an established brand, a booklet or brochure project, a refresh to your current packaging design system, or a set of custom illustrations for products or apparel, etc.

How long will my project take to complete?

I can provide some rough timeframes, however take into account that every project is unique. Assuming client feedback is timely and thorough, a logo project can take two to three weeks. Visual identity projects can take four to six weeks. Smaller responsive landing or brochure style websites can take up to a month and beyond, with larger content managed responsive web projects falling somewhere between two to four months.

What are your payment terms?

To begin a project I require a 50% deposit and a contract signature*. This will hold your project in the next available slot in my schedule. I only take on a limited amount of projects at any given time out of respect for the creative process. This allows me to spend the appropriate amount of time needed for each individual project. The remaining portion is paid upon final artwork approval. Where possible, payment terms that suit both parties can be negotiated and are subject to change for web projects. I accept all major forms of credit & debit cards - Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® via my payment gateway of choice which is a Paypal Business Account™. I also accept cashier's checks and bank transfers.

*Projects priced at $500 or less are invoiced in full upon scheduling.

Can you define what a brand is for me?

You can think of it as the emotional connection or relationship between a company, product, service or person's audience. Brands are earned and never wholly generated internally as they are a combination of the perception, values, messaging, marketing, client & customer experience and more importantly, the lasting effect & perceived value of all these things by the brand's audience. If you have a business then you already have a brand, like it or not - so it is always in your best interest to tend to it. You may sometimes hear the terms, "branding", "brand identity" and "visual identity" used interchangeably. I do prefer the term visual identity as I feel it is a more accurate description of what I provide, although you may catch me using any of the three terms listed above.

What is the difference between a logo and a visual identity?

A logo is the key identifier that represents a company, product, service, or person. They come in many different styles that range from a custom logotype that stands alone, otherwise known as a wordmark, to a combination of type & iconic symbol, often referred to as a "mark". Other styles include illustrative or graphic driven emblems, badges, typographic lockups and holding shapes.

A visual identity will utilize a logo as the cornerstone of the brand but will also include any combination of image style or tone, a color palette, submarks or ancillary logos, a typographic system and supporting design elements or graphic devices such as iconography, patterns, etc. The sum of all of these elements together create a cohesive visual language that is documented in a style guide, and becomes known as a visual identity.

Okay great, so do I need a logo or a visual identity?

A visual identity, quite frankly. I do take on projects where I only handle the logo, but it doesn't exactly give me a platform or medium to take a more holistic approach to the overall intended outcome, tone and style of your brand. Most clients know they need and would prefer to have a fully realized and documented cohesive brand personality as opposed to feeling like they are multi-staging the design process or being left to their own devices. I also understand that startups and individuals sometimes need a budget conscience option to set the foundation for a great brand going forward - at the very least having a logo designed with agency quality attention will make you look substantially more trustworthy, established, and attract more clients & customers.

How do design concepts differ from design revisions?

Design concepts can be thought of as different creative directions or ideas. I will offer a minimum of 4 different logo concepts or versions for an identity project during the exploration phase. Once you have narrowed down your choice to one or two concepts from the many presented, I will then begin to refine your choice. These are referred to as design revisions and can involve changes to the general shape, type pairing, and proportions of the logo, but typically don’t involve changing the main concept of the logo itself.

What is considered a round of revisions and how many are included?

Once we have come to an agreement on the concept direction for a logo, I offer three rounds of revisions. A round refers to the process of me interpreting your feedback and using it to present you with a newer, updated and refined look. It is mutually beneficial to be sure to compile all of your feedback into one concise presentation with as much clarity as possible.

What are the final deliverables for a logo or visual identity project?

A logo project will include your new logo in numerous vector and raster file formats in multiple colorways in the three main color spaces - RGB, CMYK, and PMS - ensuring it can be used across all mediums. You will also receive an IP assignment that turns over full usage rights of your new logo for the purpose of a future trademark pursuit and/or peace of mind in knowing you own the artwork going forward.

A visual identity is a much more thorough execution of a brand personality, therefore you would receive the proper tools to efficiently launch your new look. In addition to a standard logo wrap-up, you will also receive social media launch kit materials & a style guide that documents and outlines information about the design system in place. This will include appropriate use of your new logo, color palette, typography, submarks or ancillary marks, graphic devices, iconography, patterns, etc. You will also receive any associated print files complete with press ready artwork, consultation on choosing a print vendor for your specific project, and the raw/editable graphic files.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is designed & developed to automatically adjust depending on the end users viewport size, whether it be a desktop monitor, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Ensuring your website is built upon responsive principles is essential for numerous reasons. Multiple studies released in 2015 confirmed that more searches take place on mobile devices than their desktop counterparts, and that gap will only continue to widen. From an SEO perspective - an unresponsive website will actually penalize your search rankings with Google. It goes without saying, it is paramount to ensure your content can be easily viewed on any device.

Do you need all of my content before you get started?

Absolutely, information is the most critical part of any design process. I have to consider everything when creating a tailor-made responsive web solution around your business & content. The first step in the design process is taking into account the overall intended outcome & working towards a solid framework or site architecture. This can only be achieved once I've had a chance to understand the relationship between the amount of content, copy deck, images, sections, call-to-actions needed, etc.

Can you help me source image assets for my new website?

Of course. If we work together on a project then consulting and art direction come with my services. The tone & style of imagery used in a website plays a key role in the overall visual aesthetic. It is always better to use professional photography where possible, it adds a level of trust and authenticity that can't be replaced with stock photography - in many cases, it's absolutely critical. With that said, certain industries or types of businesses can get away with using quality stock photography more so than others if they do not have the budget to hire a professional photographer. I can either help source quality stock photography that doesn't feel "stocky", or make a recommendation for a photography shoot, or a combination of both depending on the project.

Do you provide copywriting services as well?

The client is responsible for providing the initial copy deck for a web project. After all, who is better suited to know more about your specific business, your value proposition, and what it is you would like to say to the world than yourself. However, I do offer copy deck refinement. I'll provide help along the way in terms of massaging the provided copy deck & placing emphasis on specific pieces of messaging or sections of content throughout the design phase, ensuring that your site not only looks and functions great, but also reads well. If your company doesn't feel up to the task of handling your own website copy deck then I can make a recommendation for a professional copywriter.

Are there any ongoing fees associated with having a website?

Yes, you'll need to pay a nominal fee for both hosting and a domain name. A domain name makes it easy for your customers to find your website on the internet. Hosting is like paying internet rent – you pay a monthly or yearly fee to both store and ensure your website is readily available to be accessed from a web server. Both are a requirement, with a domain name generally costing around $10 per year, and hosting anywhere between two to three cups of coffee from your favorite local spot or Starbucks on a monthly basis. Both of these fees are a small price to pay for what many businesses consider their most vital and effective marketing tool.

Do you charge any monthly maintenance, updating, or upgrading fees?

No, I charge on a per need basis. Most web development companies prefer to throw out a very wide net by charging a recurring monthly fee of anywhere between $25 to $100, or even higher for maintenance, updating, and upgrade fees - and these fees are somewhat justified when you factor in the type of content management system they typically use on the backend. This fee is often on top of their hosting charges. I use an integrated development environment and hosting platform that makes pushing changes, publishing to domains, backups, A/B testing, and versioning super duper simple. All security, updates, and upgrades to the platform are seamlessly handled. Therefore, I can pass those savings onto my clients.

Do I have to host my website with you?

Fortunately for you, yes. I offer some of the fastest, most reliable hosting available on the internet. Your site will be hosted on multiple AWS servers, with assets served up via two of the fastest CDN's on the planet - Fastly and Amazon CloudFront. This means with over 50 data centers and thousands of servers around the world serving your website your end users will enjoy a very speedy & snappy browsing experience. I charge $15 dollars per month for a website that doesn't require a content management system, and $20 per month for a site designed with a custom CMS integration.

Can you integrate a content management system into my website?

Absolutely. In fact, the CMS that I use is based on some of the newest and most groundbreaking technology on the web. You'll have the ability to literally click on a specific piece of content or imagery directly on the live site, and edit your website - it's that simple. Managing dynamic content such as blog posts, job listings, etc is just as easy. I will also provide a short annotated training video on how to use your custom website and content management system.

Will you integrate WordPress into the backend of my website?

No, I don't use the WordPress platform for multiple reasons. Aside from the fact that the backend dashboard looks like the cockpit of an airliner to the average content editor. The true costs and headaches begin to pile up very quickly when you look at the real fees involved with running WordPress on the backend. To list a few, security vulnerabilities due to widespread hacking that need to be manually monitored and maintained. Backing up & versioning a WP site can be a laborious process. Things can and will easily break due to compatibility issues as a myriad of third party plugins are typically relied upon to achieve a specific set of basic functionality that can fail due to any number of other plugin upgrades or even a WP platform upgrade.

I am interested in working with you, how do we get started?

High turnaround rate horsehead offer, for imagineer, but i don't want to drain the whole swamp, i just want to shoot some alligators. Upsell. Pushback old boys club, yet get all your ducks in a row future-proof power. Pointless into the weeds hit the ground running. Shotgun approach value-added push back dogpile that nor win-win-win but I have zero cycles for this we need to dialog around your choice of work attire.

I am interested in working with you, how do we get started?

High turnaround rate horsehead offer, for imagineer, but i don't want to drain the whole swamp, i just want to shoot some alligators. Upsell. Pushback old boys club, yet get all your ducks in a row future-proof power. Pointless into the weeds hit the ground running. Shotgun approach value-added push back dogpile that nor win-win-win but I have zero cycles for this we need to dialog around your choice of work attire.

I am interested in working with you, how do we get started?

High turnaround rate horsehead offer, for imagineer, but i don't want to drain the whole swamp, i just want to shoot some alligators. Upsell. Pushback old boys club, yet get all your ducks in a row future-proof power. Pointless into the weeds hit the ground running. Shotgun approach value-added push back dogpile that nor win-win-win but I have zero cycles for this we need to dialog around your choice of work attire.

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The Office of Visual Communication Project Kit will provide insight on service pricing, timelines & deliverables. It also includes a detailed project questionnaire that will help you formulate a scope of work, set goals for your project, and help me understand your business.
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